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..A Picture. A Motion. The conception of visual art was reborn when the first photos were taken in the second half of 19th century. Today, when the visual art is so vary and multifunctional in every sences "Camerata Rhein" invites you to travel back in time and discover  together upside down side of a genre which had been accompanying our everyday life visual experience. Something that was always there but never intentionally asked for praise. This is a Motion Picture Soundtrack, the world of music for movies.

On the 7th March 2020 the audience will explore the shining side of New World’s Musical Heritage from 1900 when the music was first introduce to films in Hollywood. The era of silent films, the time of broadway musicals, the vitaphones, tapeurs and even live orchestras in cinemas, explosive westerns, something that today is running out of the basket list. Music which is emotional but simple, almost childish and naive but very straightforwardly telling a story. The hollywood sound is not only accomplished through the distinctive musical language but as well as its interpretation. Hollywood composer and orchestrator Conrad Pope said "the Hollywood sound was comprised of two distinctive worlds. The string section who many were European immigrants from the Mahler school, and the brass section which consisted of the players from the American Big Band's. Through the fusion of these two worlds, the hollywood sound was born."

We will observe the transformation of the Motion Picture Soundtrack genre from its founder Max Steiner across the whole century to the younger representative of the Hollywood composer as a Grammy winner Nan Schwarz...